Waterproof Pants Men and Women’s

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Applications of Plastic Pants

  • Wear about the house to keep seats and clothing dry
  • Wear in bed to prevent leaks onto sheets and mattresses
  • Wear over underwear at all times for users with urge or functional incontinence to contain accidents
  • Wear over disposable or washable incontinence products to prevent leaks
  • Wear in the case of double incontinence to prevent odours or leaks
  • Wear when the location of the next toilet is unknown, such as a coach, plane or train journey
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Since we launched the CARE PLUS HEALTH Waterproof PVC Pants the response has been overwhelming. It seems that for some people this is the ideal product to manage their incontinence. It gives the user the ultimate confidence and security and is as effective an incontinence product as it has been for the last 50 years.

Waterproof PVC Plastic Pants are a very traditional style of waterproof brief that has been used since the technology became available.

The reason for their popularity is their flexibility and reliability. By making a watertight seal around the user, the pants can effectively contain urine, faeces and odours. This makes the product very popular to wear over night, in town, at social events, when visiting family, air travel etc. The list goes on. With the confidence and security that only a fully waterproof plastic brief can bring, we see a long and bright future for the CARE PLUS HEALTH waterproof brief, and we hope they will make life easier for you too.

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